When Irina was a child, her grandmother dazzled her with stories of fireflies-those magical insects that inspire wonder and awe and illuminate all around them.


These are the guiding principles for Velvet Sky Coaching, Irina's practice where she helps soon-to-be empty nest moms rediscover the confidence and light that they felt as a child looking up at a Velvet Sky of fireflies.


Irina works with women to wade through the insecurity they may feel as they transition from being a mom to being an Empty Nester and focuses on helping them find this new life. She asks important questions and gives guidance on fear, meditation, exercise, self-care, and mental and physical well-being. Her inspiration comes from Grandma Tamara who is 80 years old accompanied Irina and her family to America and said, “I now draw a line over the past and start a new life”. Irina believes it is never too late to learn and recently skied a black diamond for the first time. Irina enjoys playing tennis, long walks, and meditation.

"I was at a crossroads in my life...had to make some very hard but important decisions. Irina was always present and available to make sense of what at times seems senseless. Since working with Irina I have been able to make some very productive changes both within my thought patterns as well as my quality of life."

- Nita