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Let's go through those life changes together.

Working with Irina helped me feel more empowered and excited to pursue the important goals I set for myself. She has a way of making you feel at ease, by creating a gentle space of safety and warmth, where you can share your grandest untold dreams, as well as your innermost fears. Irina will support you, empower you, and champion you, as you work towards clarifying your goals and creating steps to achieve them. At the same time, she challenges you to try new paths, and in doing so helps you discover and take hold of your inner greatness.

- Leah

I am passionate about helping people. As a life coach, I work with my clients helping them reach goals and feel great about where they are today. I am not a stranger to overcoming challenges; moving to the US and learning English, successfully lost 100 pounds, postpartum depression, feeling like I fit in...we all have struggles and how we manage them and show up in our lives is what matters most. I am always learning and focus on helping my clients to see the possibilities for themselves that will create real change in their lives.

Velvet Sky Coaching

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